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When shopping around for a home inspector, there are a few questions that are very important to ask, besides the price.  Be wary of inspectors that are much cheaper than others – you get what you pay for when it comes to home inspections!  There is no state licensing for home inspectors (in Georgia), so just about anyone can sell home inspection services, regardless of how qualified they really are.


Questions to ask when shopping for a home inspector:


+ How long has the inspector or inspection company been in business?

We have been in business since 1981 and have performed over 30,000 home inspections in the Augusta area.

+ Does the inspector offer you added protections with your inspection?

Hargrove Inspections offers several warranty coverages that come with every (complete) home inspection, as well as the ability for a buyer or seller to purchase an extended 18 month home warranty!

+ Is the Inspector ASHI certified?

All of our inspectors are ASHI certified.

+ Is the inspector licensed for South Carolina?

South Carolina does have state licensing requirements, so this is a must for the Augusta area where some houses can have SC addresses.

+ Does the inspector or inspection company give computerized inspection reports?

Hargrove Inspection Services gives computer generated reports immediately after the inspection.

+ Is the inspector or inspection company fully insured to protect you?

Hargrove Inspection Services carries general liability, Errors and Omissions and workman’s compensation insurance.

+ Does the inspector or inspection company meet the insurance requirements of your builder? (applies to new homes).

Hargrove Inspection Services generally meets or exceeds all the home inspection requirements set forth by builders.  These requirements typically include general liability insurance, workmans’ comp, ICC and ASHI certifications, and a business license.

Here are a few “red flags” to be aware of when shopping for an inspector:

  • The inspector’s price is significantly below several other inspectors you have called.
  • The inspector charges by the hour.
  • An inspector who is not insured, or tells you insurance is not important.
  • An inspector who sends you to voice mail, or does not have an office staff to service your needs.
  • An inspector who takes your call while he is currently on an inspection.
  • A company that has different price structures for different inspectors.


Get a home inspection price quote | Hargrove Inspection ServicesWhat is the price of the inspections based on?

Inspection prices are based on several factors including the square footage of the home, what it is built on (basement, slab, or crawl space), the age of the home, and the location of the home. Call our office for a quote.